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Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge TN | Sandhill Crane Festival

Visiting the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge in Birchwood,TN, where the annual Sandhill Crane Festival is held, is a long day-trip — 125 miles one way — to see birds that are a long way off, even with binoculars. I say this … Read the rest

Fresh Water Mussels in Norris Lake & the Clinch River

The world is full of “coincidences”. Such is the case between a nature walk I had a few weeks ago at Norris Lake where the water had receded and a book I just started reading about Oak Ridge and the … Read the rest

Sharps Chapel Women Attend International Quilt Show

Last weekend, the International Quilt Show was held in Cincinnati and a group of women from Sharps Chapel joined a bus tour and headed north to check it out.  I was in Dayton at the time and arranged to meet … Read the rest