Ebbing and Flowing Spring in Rogersville TN

It is hard to believe that it has only been one week since we visited Rogersville TN – the weather has changed so abruptly.  But it was a beautiful fall day last Saturday and Jim and I decided to take a drive to enjoy the leaves.  We were headed towards Rogersville TN (only an hour-or-so away via 25-E) to visit the Ebbing and Flowing Spring.

We first learned about this unusual natural phenomenon — one of only two known springs in the world to exhibit tidal characteristics with a predictable regularity (the other one is in Japan), from a previous visit to Rogersville where we only had time to visit the town.

I will be honest with you.  It is a little underwhelming.  There is no sign other than a road called Ebbing and Flowing Creek Rd.  We were told that the spring feeds the creek and the creek overflows the quaint country road such that you feel adventurous driving through it.  It was clear and cold, but we did not take the time to witness the change in the creek’s height since it takes 2 hours and 47 minutes.

BUT I mention it because it is quite unusual AND just down the street is Amis Mill Eatery and dam which is definitely worth the trip.

According to Wikipedia (see complete Wiki article):

The spring is located on land that once belonged to Colonel Thomas Amis, father-in-law of Rogersville’s founder, Joseph Rogers. It is referred to as “Sinking Spring” in a land grant given to Amis by the General Assembly of North Carolina for his services during the American Revolution. Amis settled the area in around 1780. His fort-like house is a few tenths of a mile from the spring.

During a period of 2 hours and 47 minutes, the spring’s flow ranges from an indiscernible trickle to 500 US gallons (1,900 l; 420 imp gal) per minute. The water in Ebbing and Flowing Spring maintains a constant temperature of 34 °F (1 °C).

Life is an Adventure.