Puppy Love Brings Nextdoor Neighbors Together

What’s better than a cute puppy?  Two cute puppies and a happy ending.

Today I was on my routine walk through the Norris Shores neighborhood and spotted two cute black & white puppies at the entrance drive to the water tower.  What a surprise! Then I remembered that I had seen an urgent announcement on the Nextdoor app about them.  See below.

Nextdoor is a free, private, social network for neighborhoods that Norris Shores had set up recently.


I pulled out my smart phone and took a photo to add to the Nextdoor post so that maybe someone could identify them, although they were probably abandoned.  It went live immediately.

In the meantime, who can resist cute?  So I tried to make friends with them.  I did get them to lick my hand, but they never would let me pet them or pick them up.  I started to leave and surprise! they started following me.  Uh Oh.

I pulled out my smart phone again and started to read the other comments to the original post.  Many individuals were concerned for the puppies’ welfare and one had posted their phone number.  Long story short, we connected, they contacted another neighbor who was closer to pick up the puppies, and within an hour, they were on their way in yet another neighbor’s vehicle to their temporary new home at the Union County Humane Society.

I can’t say enough nice things about the Nextdoor application.  It saved the lives of some abandoned puppies through its efficient means of communication and allowed me to meet some new neighbors.

Consider setting up this free private communications tool for your neighborhood.  What makes it “private” is that members are invited and verified by their street address so that they are within the boundaries as defined by whoever set up your neighborhood account.

Norris Shores has used it so far to:

  • record license plate numbers and post photos of strange vehicles in the neighborhood
  • find out a fire truck’s whereabouts when all we can do is hear it
  • send out Sharps Chapel Neighborhood Watch meeting reminders
  • request a handyman recommendation
  • find missing animals
  • report hazardous road conditions
  • and thank neighbors for random acts of kindness.

It would also be great for notification of forest fires and wild animal sightings.

Life is an Adventure!