2013 Norris Lake Clean-Up a Success

2013-Norris-Lake-CleanupYesterday, March 23, was the annual March Norris Lake Clean-Up.  20 hearty souls braved the elements (look at those coats, hats, and gloves) to pick up trash and make Norris Lake cleaner for all of us to enjoy.

march-clean-up-boat march-clean-up-free-lunchThis year, they covered Dollar, Gull and Ziola Sharp Islands.  They collected about 4 ton of garbage that they could bag.  The other free standing items consisted of tires, a water heater, propane tanks, 21 lounge chairs, a boat, 55 gallon plastic and metal drums, and lots of styrofoam.  The final numbers for the entire lake are not in yet.  It will be interesting to see what they are.  They also demolished 4 illegal camp sites/dump sites.

16 volunteer friends from Helms Ferry clean up site joined them for lunch at the Sharps Chapel Senior Center — free to all who volunteered.


Every outing, no matter how much work involved, always has its perks.  Aside from the friendships that are made or strengthened, and the feeling of satisfaction knowing something selfless was done for the lake community, they also got to enjoy a bit of nature, as the photo of the perfectly felled tree shows — evidence of a beaver’s handiwork.

Unfortunately, Jim and I were not able to participate this year because of a previous commitment.  We really support the cause and plan on doing so next year.  Great job everyone!

Life is an Adventure!