Land of OZ Here in Sharps Chapel

April 8, 2012 — The island on Norris Lake that has Day Marker 23 is awash with color! Yellow flowers all along the shoreline and into the water surround the island, which is still accessible via a land bridge that has not been covered yet with water.

Jim and I like to walk around the island, it takes about 1.5 hours.  The going is easy until you get to the NE side which has a steeper shoreline.  Sometimes we detour around this section by going inland.  This trip, we were overcome by the beauty of these flowers on the S and SE shores where the shoreline has more soil.  I immediately thought of Dorothy of the Wizard of OZ emerging from the dark forest and walking into the field of poppies.  You simply must experience walking into the center of this field of flowers and seeing nothing but yellow glow everywhere.

I picked a handful of the flowers and put them in a bucket of water when I got home.  They quickly perked up and lasted for several days.

Life is an adventure!