100 Degree Days – Baby It’s Hot Outside!

We’ve had a couple of 100 degree days lately and it has taken its toll even on the wildlife.  Jim was the first to spot this box turtle spread eagle on some dry dirt, trying to stay cool, during our evening walk tonight.  He was a big one!

No less hot, Jim and I headed for Norris Lake earlier this morning with our kayaks.  There was a breeze, causing some little whitecaps, so the lake was choppy, but we still had a good time.  We decided to circle the island at marker 23.  The island shielded the wind on the east side and it was quite calm, a welcome respite.  It reminded me of the movie “On Golden Pond”.  There was a little inlet that had a lot of birds nesting in the bushes in the water and along the shore.  It was fun to glide in and try to find them hidden in the bushes.  One species looked like a skinny duck with a blue body, a black head, and bright orange feet.  I also saw a King Fisher.

On the way back, we stopped at Lost Creek Cemetery.  This was Jim’s first time there, and while he was exploring the area, I happened upon some wildlife.  I spotted a praying mantis, two snake skins, and a live baby bird, no bigger than a golf ball, that was hiding in the grass at my feet.  At first I thought it had fallen out of the tree, but it had feathers and I think it was just learning how to fly.

Life is An Adventure.