Charge! A Coyote Encounter

I was hoping I could get Jim to relate this story, because it is HIS story, but I’ll do the best I can to relate the details as he told them to me.

We were out at the fire circle around 6:15 pm one evening last week.  I said to Jim, “Listen.  Do you hear those coyotes?”.  He said, “Those aren’t coyotes, those are dogs.”  I replied in the negative because I could hear a “yip, yip, yip” after some of the barks.

Shortly thereafter, Jim got up and headed back to where the barking was coming from.  He later said that he thought our neighbor’s dog might have gotten caught in some fence wire and needed help.  About 5 minutes later I heard the barking stop and Jim shout a short, gruff sound.  I waited.  Soon thereafter, I could see him returning.

As he relates it, he climbed up the trail where the barking was coming from.  All at once, he got eye contact with two coyotes.  They stopped barking and started to charge him!  Everything happened so fast.  That’s when Jim made the sound and waved his arms to appear bigger.  They retreated.  End of story.

Yeah, I know.  That was a little unexpected and scary.  We did not hear any more barking that evening.

Jim has since spent a lot of time learning more about the coyote’s habits.    He thinks that they thought he was a deer, as deer are in their diet (but the number one food source is persimmon fruit, of all things).  We have not seen any deer at all on our property in the past couple of months, so they are either effectively scaring them off or have eaten them.

Nature is a wonderful thing and without a little bit of “wildness” it wouldn’t be the same.  We have to share our space.  Life is an Adventure.