Eastern Spotted Skunk in Sharps Chapel TN


Jim and I were pulling into our driveway a few nights ago and our headlights picked up a small animal making its way from our lawn into the tree line of the nearby woods.

Eastern Spotted Skunk

At first I thought it was a calico cat, but then I realized it was black and white.  It did not have the body or walk of a typical skunk — it was lower to the ground and longer, like a weasel.  But its markings were definitely not like a skunk — it was quite busy.  Then I realized it was a spotted skunk (learn more)!  I remembered having read about this and now I had finally seen one.  After further research, I learned that “Eastern spotted skunks are quite secretive and crafty creatures, and it is a rarity for humans to see them.”

What is most amazing is its habit of standing on its hands to display its impressive markings when threatened.  Watch this video I found on YouTube.  Wow, wouldn’t that be something to see — from a safe distance.

Life is an Adventure!