Meet the Family: My Brother Tom

My youngest brother, Tom, visited with his family today.  They live in Avon Lake, Ohio but they were only 3 hours away in Lexington, KY visiting his wife’s (Ellyn) family,  for Christmas.

This is their first time to Sharps Chapel to visit us and everyone was in good spirits exploring the woods on our, now favorite, ridge loop trail.  Tom has an excellent eye for photography and is having fun trying to capture the essence of some moss that he discovered.

This photo shows Tom and Ellyn, their youngest daughter Hannah (soon-to-be 14 in January) and Max.

Max is not an outdoor dog.  I had to laugh when he came up to a log and just stood there waiting for someone to pick him up and carry him over, much like royalty.

Emily, their first-born, is pictured here in her green jacket.  She is soon-to-be 16 years old on the day after Christmas.  Emily is varsity first string on her high school basketball team and recently suffered from a concussion at one of their play-off games with a rival, so she did not go on the hike with us — she was taking a nap back at the cabin, trying to recover.

Red Spotted News in December

On the hike, I had briefly mentioned having seen red-spotted newts back in the spring, to whoever was listening.  Only, lo and be hold, to have little Hannah look down and see one shortly thereafter!  It shocked me — in December!  The temperature was 50 degrees and the ground was saturated from all the rain we had been having.

“Life is an Adventure” and it was fun sharing a relaxing day with close family.