Plant Red Clover to Attract Deer for Viewing

Red clover
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During our last visit to our cabin in Sharps Chapel, I did not see a single deer, but they were there — their footprints were everywhere in the snow.  That’s why I was interested when a neighbor suggested a way to attract more deer so that I could increase my chances of seeing them.

When I grew up in the 60’s in Ohio, I did not see a single deer on the 10-acre farm that we lived on the entire 15 years we lived there.  Times certainly have changed!  Deer are in abundance everywhere due to excellent wildlife management.

I still get a thrill at spotting deer and other wildlife.  Our  neighbor suggested that we plant some clover to increase our chances of doing so.  He said now is a perfect time to sow the seed because the ground is naturally “tilled” due to the frost heaving that is going on with the unusual cold weather we are having.

Sharps Chapel has a variety of terrain – from rocky, rolling, open pastures to steeply wooded mountainsides, so I wanted to do a little research to see what kind of clover to plant.  According to the Missouri Department of Conservation (they had a nice web page on deer management), they recommend Red Clover as being a favorite of white tailed deer.

Can’t wait until spring and want to attract deer now? Then go out and get a salt block or some corn.

To get you in the spirit, below is a web cam video that shows fox, turkey, deer and raccoon.  I am a techie and would love to have my own web cam. That is on my to-do list. I can’t wait!