Sharps Chapel is Filled with Wonder and Awe

Island spotted skunk (Spilogale gracilis amphi...
Island spotted skunk (Spilogale gracilis amphiala) – NPS Photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Skunks.  Skunk smell.  I’ll bet most of you have this smell deeply ingrained into your memories from a previous encounter – probably from your pet getting a little too curious.  You take this for granted.  Everyone knows what a skunk smells like, don’t they?

Well, no. This simple fact made me stop and think.  What I learned surprised me in several ways — I learned something about myself and about two animals that I thought I was familiar with — skunks and porcupines.

It all started with a website called Amazing Things In the World.  Through Facebook, it automatically sends me fantastic photos and video of places, animals, and experiences I may never, ever see or do. It recently posted a photo of a baby skunk and there were tens of thousands of comments about that photo (it was a rather unusual skunk) and I was curious about what kind of skunk it was (turns out, it is common in California).  Everyone was saying “Pee-You!”, “Stinky smell”, etc, but one of the comments said “I wish I knew what a skunk smelled like.”

What kind of person would not know what a skunk smells like?

I mentioned this to Jim and he reminded me that the other day, a friend had mentioned that years ago, their dog had gotten tangled up with a porcupine and was in pain from all the quills stuck in its face.  I asked her where she lived that this would happen and she said New York state!

English: Photograph of two North American porc...
English: Photograph of two North American porcupines photographed in Quebec, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had no idea porcupines lived there (and who knew that they climbed trees!)  In fact, I looked up a porcupine territory map and they even live in Pennsylvania.  I have lived in Ohio for my entire life and have never seen a porcupine in the wild (other than in a zoo) and they were only 1 state away from us.

“There is wonder and awe to be found in every life in every direction we can see.”

This is the philosophy of the “Amazing Things In the World” site that I share.  What we take for granted as being normal in our everyday lives, may actually be something new and exciting for someone else.

No, there are no Spotted Skunks in TN, or porcupines for that matter, but there are red spotted newts, corn snakes, glow wormsfresh water musselsmorel mushrooms, bob cats, coyotes, and more!

I am that “somebody else” — being new to Sharps Chapel, looking with wonder and awe at your world.  So, live your life to its fullest – indoors and out. We are fortunate to be living here.

Life is an Adventure!