Want Binoculars for Birding? | Here is What I Recommend


I just bought a new toy for bird watching — a Nikon Monarch 5 (8 x 42) pair of binoculars (see review.  see another review).  Ok.  2 new toys.  The second one is a binocular harness that replaces the normal neck strap — intended to eliminate neck strain.

I already had another pair of binoculars but they were much bigger, much heavier, and I only used them on the deck or on road trips.  I wanted to do more bird watching and I need something lighter.  There are so many binoculars out there that I was overwhelmed with details.  What helped me make the decision was a stellar recommendation from www.AllAboutBirds.org for the one I ended up purchasing.

The review said, in short (see review links above for details):

Nikon Monarch 5 8×42:  Lightweight, well balanced, and comfortable in the hand.  This and the Zeiss Terra ED are the only binoculars in this category to feature the clarity of ED glass.

I am extremely happy with my purchases and am actually using them in the field!  But closer to home, I have made several fun discoveries.

Carolina Wren
Carolina Wren (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For one, I have discovered a new friend that I have named “Sweet Caroline”.  She is a Carolina Wren that is quite regular in her visits.  Each night, between 8 – 8:30 pm, she sings on top of a fence post near the barn — staking her claims on her territory.  It is human nature to want to give animals human characteristics and I am no exception.  I feel a kinship to her (yes, it must be a her, I feel it in my bones).

For another, our bluebird box appears to be empty now.  Where did they go?  I happened to spot a mother bluebird with something in her mouth sitting on our deck post.  Close to her, was a fledgling — obviously one of her offspring.  It was able to fly well, but still not on its own.  It had not assumed its full coloring yet but you could see some of the blue on its back.  Mystery solved.

I am sure if you find a “sit spot” and frequent it regularly, you will discover similar things going on in your neck of the woods.

Life is an Adventure.