Hiking During Hunting Season at Chuck Swan WMA? Yes!

Hiking in Chuck Swan WMA, Sharps Chapel, TNI got the official word from Forester Stephen F. Grayson at Chuck Swan State Forest about hiking during hunting season.  Here is his reply:

“Chuck Swan is open to the public every day, from sunrise to sunset, except during managed hunts, when the following rules apply:

Managed turkey hunting will be ongoing each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday  from March 28, 2013 through May 11, 2013.  On those days, (Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays), access to the State Forest and WMA is restricted to hunters until 1 pm.  After 1 pm, and until sunset,  the state forest and wma is open to the public.”

TWRA’s website has information about hunting season on WMA’s.

The current (2012) Hunting and Trapping Guide (.pdf) has the details for Chuck Swan (WMA 403 is in Region IV – scroll to page 22 of the .pdf which is numbered page 62 at the bottom of the subset of the main document)


Dustin McCubbins is the area Manager for Chuck Swan’s Wildlife Management Area, his telephone number is 865 278 3248.  He can answer specific questions about hunting seasons and regulations.

Currently there are no maintained hiking trails on the state forest and wild life management area, hopefully that will change in the future.  There are, however, plenty of old roads on the area that are worthy of exploration.  Some lead to old home sites. (the home sites are protected historical resources.) Wildflowers are spectacular in areas.  Wildlife is abundant.