Northern Spice Bush Blooming Now

Northern Spice Bush, Sharps Chapel, TNLast week I noticed a yellow blooming bush in the sunnier areas of the woods that were in the process of healing from select cutting from a few years ago.

Being from Ohio, it was not familiar to me.  I knew it was not forsythia.  My research was turning up candidates such as “witch hazel“.  Friend, Pat, who was with me on another hike, suggested “yellow honeysuckle”.  Neither guess was ringing a bell yet as the blooms did not match. I decided to sleep on it.

Northern Spice Bush, Sharps Chapel, TNI got a clue after reading about one shrub whose bark, when scratched, had a lemony scent.  Bingo!  This distinguishing feature made all the difference in the world in identifying it as the Northern Spice Bush.

I still have not learned to use all of my senses when observing new plants – touching,  seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting (usually never, out of fear of poisoning).

Life is an Adventure.