Our First Christmas at the Cabin

Our First ChristmasMerry Christmas!  We are celebrating our first Christmas at the cabin and 1 year in Sharps Chapel, as we moved in on December 26, one year ago tomorrow.

Yesterday, Jim and I went up in the woods to cut straight pieces of logs to make an old-fashioned zig-zag fence near the cabin.  He cut the logs to 10′ lengths and we carried them down the mountain (the lighter ones on our shoulders, the heavier ones Jim dragged).  When we got to the creek, we laid them down to span the creek and found that they would make a great base for a footpath bridge.  So there they stay and our fence will have to wait for another time.

I spent the rest of the day clearing brush from the far side of the creek near our new half-built bridge — barely making a dent, I might add.  My goal is to get rid of all the non-native rose bushes that are growing there and choking out the native plants.  I could let the brush just rot (it is halfway there now) but the roses are growing up between the brush and making a tangled mess.  It needs a little help.

It took me forever to get a fire started to burn the brush as the wood was really wet.  This is the second time in a month where I’ve tried to make a fire and almost give up, but there seems to be a tipping point where it decides that it might as well just give in and let me win.  I don’t give up easily and it does have its rewards.  After that, I made good progress.  I hated to come in when the sun set at around 5:15pm.  I can’t wait until summer when it stays light till 9:30pm.  There is so much I want to do!

I’ve never actually explored this side of the creek before on foot and I am pleasantly surprised how flat it is.  It will be perfect for another hiking trail that loops around.

Jim worked on clearing trees and rose bushes along the fence line near the road.  Later, he cut some firewood for a fire we planned to have in the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

Today, Christmas, we are going to spend exploring — probably taking a hike in a new area at Chuck Swan.  We love being outside and experiencing the solitude of nature in all the seasons.

“Life is an Adventure” and we very much love our new life in our cabin in Sharps Chapel, TN.