Rose Hips for Fall Color in 25 Cent Vase

Rose Hips in Woodpecker Tree Trunk Flower Vase
Bonnie, do you recognize this vase?  I bought it a couple of weeks ago at your church’s Attic Treasures tag sale for 25 cents!  Despite its few little chips, which you can’t see when it is fulfilling its destiny, it is now my new treasure and it has found a new permanent home.  I love it.

I have had two flower arrangements in it since then.  Flowers are very scarce this time of year, but it is amazing what you can find when you look.

What you see here are rose hips that I cut off some wild roses in the woods.  These are a nice long-term arrangement as they will dry and still retain their color, only getting a little darker.

The first arrangement I had used some small purple flowers I found along the road as I was jogging.  They actually lasted over a week — hardy little souls.

Life is an adventure.