Scarlet Cup Fungus, Sharps Chapel, TN

IMG_2531On March 10, Jim and I were clearing wild rose bushes and cutting grape vines along one of our creeks near Dead Turtle Trail.  We enjoy being outside and doing forest conservation to make our woods healthier.

Because we were off the beaten path, it gave us an opportunity to see some things we might not see normally.

These are photos of a fungus called Scarlet Cup.  I have come to learn that they are quite common.  They have a white edge and are as red as can be – very easy to spot.  I could observe pollen coming off the stamen in the center periodically – like a puff of smoke.  I don’t know if it was from the wind (which i did not notice) or of there was something else making it happen.

Scarlet Cup Fungus - Sharps Chapel, TN IMG_2533I was only 10-15 feet off of the trail.  Veering off the beaten path has its rewards.  Try it yourself sometime.

This website has photos of other Eastern Tennessee Fungi, Mushroom, Puff Balls and Slime Mold.

Life is an Adventure!