How to meet new people? Leave it to the dogs.

Jim and I went jogging this morning and for the first time had, not one, but two dogs decide to follow along with us all the way home.

They both were very good natured and we enjoyed their company. I thought for sure that they would turn around and head for home but after a cool drink of water, they settled down on the porch, quite content.

One, named Idgie, had a dog tag and I was able to call her owner to pick her up. Debbie came right away and we got to talking. She said she already knew me because she reads this blog! I immediately remembered her because she had commented on a blog post some time back and we exchanged emails. Small world.

Debbie recognized the second dog named Macie, a boxer, and was going to drop her off but apparently she couldn’t get her in her truck because some time passed and Macie was still here. She appeared not to know how to return home! I thought all dogs could do this.

I, too, could not get her in the bed of the truck. What to do? I got in the car and slowly drove down the road, calling her name. She followed me! When we got to her home I could see her pick up her step and go up the driveway. I quickly sped on down the road so she would not follow me again.

Of the two dogs, both of which had sweet personalities, there was something about Macie that seemed special.  She was so gentle and had a look of pure devotion.

All in all it was a fun experience and I welcome getting to know Debbie better. But does anyone have any tips on how to keep them from following us again?