Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Blue Diamond Found Along Norris Lake TN

I know a road called Blue Diamond Point.  It caught my attention because most road names around here are a little less ostentatious — more akin to Johnson Hollow Road, Loop Road, or Dr. Davis Road.  Little did I know that there was a history to this road with the fancy name of Blue Diamond Point.

Blue Diamond Point was named after a three-carat blue diamond found nearby.  I first learned this from a 20-year resident who lives near the road located in the lakeside community of Norris Shores in Union County TN.

Imagine my shock when I learned that diamonds are naturally found in Tennessee and that a three-carat blue diamond was found within a stone’s throw from where I live!

Doing a Google search on “3 carat diamond union county tn” I found a Geological Survey Professional Paper (see below) that documents the following:

Table 113.  Mineral-collecting localities in the  Appalachian Region (page 297).  It documents that  a 3 carat diamond & a 1.8 carat diamond were found in Roane and Union Counties respectively — (but they may actually be the same stone).

My friend proceeded to educate me on the fact that diamonds are found only in Kimberlite deposits.  According to Travis Paris,  Geologist and President of the Knoxville Gem & Mineral Society (KGMS), in his own words from his 2007 website article:

Kimberlite pipes are the result of explosive diatreme volcanism from very deep mantle derived sources. These volcanic explosions produce vertical columns of rock that rise from deep magma reservoirs. Kimberlites will often contain diamonds. The deposits at Kimberley, South Africa were the first recognized and the source of the name.

I don’t know in what year the blue diamond was found but I understand that there was a newspaper article written about it at the time.

Sharps Chapel continues to amaze me.  Life is an Adventure!