Road Conditions in Sharps Chapel – Always Room for Improvement

No Through Road sign
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Let’s Work Together as a Community to Make a Difference

Clear, safe roads – free of ice and snow and pot holes are important to all Sharps Chapel and Norris Lake residents, whether you need to get out to go to work or school, get groceries, or visit your physician.   We all need to work together as a community to make sure our tax dollars are working hard for us.

And that is exactly what Sunset Bay’s Roads Sub-Committee is doing by taking an active role in communicating to our local government officials when road conditions need a little more attention to.  We all benefit, regardless of whether we live in Sunset Bay or not.  Thanks to Sunset Bay for putting together this list of government officials’ names and phone numbers so we can help keep them accountable.

If you have difficulty with the road conditions at any time in Sharps Chapel and they are Union County maintained roads, please voice your concerns directly to the following Town Officials whose telephone numbers are listed below for immediate action.

  • Union County Mayors Office -Mike Williams  865-992-3061
  • Superintendent of Highways – Clayton Helms  865-992-5286
  • Highway Department, Sharps Chapel  865-278-3414
  • District # 5 Road Manager – Chris Upton  865-278-3606

Let’s work together to make Sharps Chapel and Norris Lake the best place to live and play — all year round!