Sharps Chapel Local Paper: Union News Leader

Map of Tennessee highlighting Union County
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The second day we were here,  friends of the previous owner stopped by to introduce themselves and say hello.  Ron, a retired Emery Air pilot, and Chris had their five dogs with them and were just returning from a hike out at Chuck Swan Nature Preserve.

Before they left, they highly recommended that I subscribe to the local paper — the Union News Leader, which I have done.

What to Expect

Each week, the Union News Leader publishes the following information and articles:

  • Union County Government
  • Public Notices – Court & Arrest Records – Property Transfers
  • Chiropractic Outlook by Dr. Darrell Johnson, D.C.
  • Day By Day by Louise Duncan Day – Calendar of Events
  • From The Mountains by Jadon Gibson
  • Union Outside by Steve Roark, TN Division of Forestry – State Forestry Office News
  • Fishing & Farm Market Reports – Outdoor Truths by Gary Miller
  • Church Directory & Calendar – Obituaries – Sunday School Lesson
  • TWRA News – Classified Ads – Recipe of the Week

I can’t wait to get my first issue.