Trash Drop Off Site in Sharps Chapel

Sharps Chapel Dump

Free Trash Disposal in Sharps Chapel

Sharps Chapel Convenience Center
Mon. Wed. Fri.: 9 am – 5 pm
Sat: 9 am – 1 pm

You CAN get something for nothing and in Sharps Chapel, that is free trash disposal.  Officially named the “Sharps Chapel Convenience Center”, this household waste disposal facility is run by the Union County Solid Waste District.

How It Works

Sharps Chapel Trash Disposal Site

Transport your trash to the one drop-off facility located on the same road as the Sharps Chapel Post Office.  When you drive in, pull your vehicle up to the central dumpster.

You’ll be greeted by “Pete” who will help you deposit your trash, but his primary purpose is probably to make sure you don’t dump anything you are not supposed to.  Pete has been there 5 years.  He’ll help you with any questions you might have.  We were curious whether they would take an old tire we had and he said no.  They do not take tires or paint (unless the paint is dried in the can).  Nor do they take anything flammable.

All trash goes in the one dumpster. Pete said they used to separate the trash, but that stopped once the price of gas got too high to support the multiple trips required to empty multiple containers.

Great Way to Meet Your Neighbors

The first time we dropped off our trash, Pete already knew who we were.  The people we bought our house from gave him the news.  I keep forgetting this is a small town.  The second time we went (see truck on the left in the photo) my eye caught a beautiful 1965 Ford truck driven by two locals.  I really wanted to know who they were and what they did, but that will come with time.  I want to hear everyone’s story.