Narrow Ridge’s Hogskin History Days

Narrow Ridge is an off-the-grid community near here — in Washburn TN.  Their Narrow Ridge website  stresses other things (ex. rural land conservation, sustainability, etc.) , but this is what stands out most in my mind.

I always find it interesting to learn something new and I have always found off-the-grid communities to be quite fascinating, so I was excited to attend Narrow Ridge’s Hogskin History Days festival on September 10, 2016.

The hardest part was finding the place.  It is in the middle of nowhere.  But it was worth it!  When we got there at 11:30, the parking lot was full and the place was abuzz with activity.  Live musicians were on a stage, lots of interesting vendors offering rescued wildflower plants, honey, homemade items, woodworking, and food!  And they had tours of two off-the-grid dwellings that showcased alternative fuel technologies as well as a tour of their sustainable burial grounds.

The following photos are here to show you a lively, fun environment that will encourage you to put this event on your calendar for next year.  I finally got here after six years of living in the area.  It is worth being exposed to.  I am glad I went.

Is this lifestyle for everyone?  No.  Will I ever live off-the-grid?  No.  But I admire these hearty individuals that have a strong conviction and are putting their efforts towards their goals.  And guess what?  If there ever is an EMP event (Electron Magnet Pulse, as described in the book One Second After), then they will be more than one step ahead of the rest of us.

Life is an Adventure!

Cobb Pizza Oven

Home made food at Narrow Ridge

Interior of Off-the-grid Dwelling at Narrow Ridge

Off-the-grid Dwelling at Narrow Ridge

Fair-like atmosphere of Hogskin History Days

Shitake Mushroom Logs





Interior of Solar Home in Narrow Ridge Community