Sharps Chapel Litter Pick-Up Yields 52 Bags of Trash

Until you’ve picked up litter on Sharps Chapel Rd., you really don’t have a true appreciation of how much traffic drives by on that road — or should I say “flies” by, as many of them were surely exceeding the speed limit.

For 2 1/2 hours today, I joined a group of Sharps Chapel community residents in picking up litter along Sharps Chapel Road.  To complicate things, there was a road crew laying a 3 mile stretch of new asphalt, so we avoided that area — but the big trucks carrying the asphalt flew by like there was no tomorrow.

The time went quickly and it was amazing how much trash we ended up collecting.  The photo only shows half of it, the rest was in the pick-up truck behind us.  Jackie Erlbacher, who organized this, sent all the participants an email update this evening giving us the results.

Drum roll please.  We picked up 52 bags of trash (which equates to 1300 pounds of litter) today! She also thanked all the pickers: Chris Browning, Frank Buchanan & Pid LaWare, Tom & LorI Clark, Dave Dettling, Sandy & Mike Devery, J. Ron Erikson, J. Erlbacher, Rebecca Hoberland, Emily & Rich Lemming, Mary Johnson (that’s me in the blue shirt and brown fanny pack), Bob & Kitty Scott,  Nancy Starr, and Les Sponseller and his group from Leadmine Bend Road.

Beside doing a good deed for the community, I equally enjoyed the time I spent getting to know my partner in crime for the day — Nancy Starr.  This is a great way to get to know someone a little better.  I truly appreciated her helping hand on those especially trashy spots that always seemed to be on my side of the road!  Thanks Nancy!