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Jim and I were in the car, on our way to Dollywood a few days after Christmas, when I got a phone call from journalist Libby Morgan, from the Union County Shopper News.  She introduced herself and asked if she could do a story about Jim and me and our Sharps Chapel Living blog.  Sure!

I was anxious to meet Libby because I had read her upbeat articles and she treated the subject matter with intelligence and sincerity. She did not disappoint.

Libby had done her homework and knew a lot about us before she even got to the door.  For instance, she knew I had written an article on shiitaki mushrooms, and it just so happened that she personally raises them, so she brought me some to try (they were delicious by the way – nothing like what you find in Chinese food).  I had so much fun talking with her.  She is a wealth of knowledge about the area and its residents, and I found out that we already knew many of the same people.

I’ve gotten so many wonderful comments from neighbors and friends about the article that she wrote.  Thank you Libby and thanks to all of you who are enjoying Jim’s and my adventures!  I hope that you make some of them your own.