Shooting Range at Chuck Swan WMA is OPEN

If you attended the Neighborhood Watch meeting a few months ago, you would have had a chance to meet Ranger Dustin McCubbins, supervisor at Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area (WMA).  One of the things he mentioned was that if you have a valid annual hunting or fishing license (or if you are over 65 — the TWRA Senior Citizens Permanent Restricted Sport License), you can use the shooting range at Chuck Swan for free any time it is open.
If you do not have an annual license, then you need to purchase a Type 220 Range Permit that costs $5.50 for two hours of shooting.  He said just show up anytime (e.g. they are not picky about specific start and stop times — as long as you stay within the two-hour limit).  The nearest place to purchase the Type 220 Range Permit is at Brogan’s BP, on the left before you get to Cedar Grove Marina on your way to New Tazewell  OR WalMart.
Allowed firearms:  Shotgun, pistol, rifle
Open:  Thursday & Friday (noon to sunset); Saturday & Sunday (sunrise to sunset)
Closed: Monday – Wednesday and during scheduled big game hunts.
Type of range:  outdoor
Maximum Distance:  100 yards
For more information, contact Dustin McCubbins 865-278-3248