Hypertufas – How Big Girls Play in the Sand

English: hypertufa container
English: hypertufa container (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Have you ever admired those old stone sinks and animal troughs cut out of stone?  I have too and here is an easy way to recreate the same look in a more lightweight medium called hypertufa.

Hypertufa is an artificial medium with absorbent qualities similar to tufa rock.  It is lighter than regular concrete, and will not be damaged by freezing after it is completely cured.

Click here for inspirational photos of hypertufa planters.

I have two smaller hypertufas that I made with my garden club that are at least 15 years old and I leave them outside in the coldest temperatures and they still look great.

My interest in hypertufas now is that I want to create multiple, larger hypertufa containers for a particular spot I have in mind in my Sharps Chapel garden and I really would like to plant them with a specimen tobacco plant in each.  I saw tobacco being used in a decorative fashion in small quantities in a Kentucky garden and it looked very attractive.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to do.  Here are two sources for the hypertufa recipe:  GardenTime.TV (matches the video below) and Wright State University (Whatcom County Master Gardener).

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