Meet the Family – Dad at 95

Dad on His 95th Birthday

This is a photo of my Dad and me on his 95th birthday at my home in Ohio. He looks pretty good for 95!  He still drives his little red Volkswagen Beetle to Cincinnati and Chillicothe weekly.  He has always driven long distances (his commute when he worked at WPAFB was an hour each way) and he looked at it as his time to unwind.

1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle photographed in A...
Original Style VW Beetle

I wanted to do something special to celebrate this milestone birthday and when I learned that my friend Mary Landis had a daughter, Christine, that did fondant icing cakes, an idea was forming in my mind.  The theme I came up with was “driving his little red Volkswagen Beetle”.  All I told Christine was that I wanted the car and roads and to be as creative as she wanted.

Dads 95th Birthday Cake
Dads 95th Birthday Cake

This is what she came up with!  I was thrilled and Dad couldn’t wait to cut into it.  Note the exit sign and the Interstate sign that depicts his age.

Dad has not seen our Sharps Chapel home yet.  It is a little too far for him to tackle on his own.  I think my brother Tom is going to bring him down at Christmas.  He will surely treasure the visit.

He was born a city boy in Cincinnati, but chose to buy a 10-acre farm in the country to raise his family and that is where I grew up.  The apple does not fall too far from the tree.