Outdoors Dinner Party – Celebrate with Color

Outdoors Dinner Party - Celebrate with Color
A Collection of Wildflowers

Since moving down to Sharps Chapel, we find that we literally spend most of our time outside. The key is to have a wide porch on several sides of your home so you can move to wherever the shade is. We enjoy breakfast on one side of the house and dinner on the other.Around July 4th, we threw our first dinner party and of course, it was on the porch. I collect retro tablecloths from the 50’s (you can pick them up for $10 – $15 each at flea markets) and I chose my favorite one in pink and white with green chickens. I layered it on top of another one to get full coverage of the rectangular table. The paper napkins were a bright fuschia (from IKEA) and these went well with my brown plates (also from IKEA).My centerpiece was an arrangement of three green glass bottles, of three different shapes and sizes, filled with wildflowers from the field.

I really enjoyed taking my comtainer of water and going out to collect the flowers.  There was such variety!   I gathered Queen Anne’s Lace, Chicory, Black-Eyed Susans, Trumpet Honesuckle, a little daisy-like flower, and purple clover.

I set up a little workstation outside on our stone wall and simply arranged them very casually in a variety of containers.  I had more than enough for the table and several other places indoors.

The weather was so hot that I was not sure how the flowers would hold up.  What surprised me most was that the Queen Anne’s Lace did wonderfully – lasting for days.  The blue chicory – that you see growing along the side of the road, did not.  It seems to have a one-day bloom.  All the other flowers did well also.

It is easy to forget that the simplest things in life can bring the most pleasure.  Next time you get ready for a dinner, be sure to take a few minutes to slow down and cut the roses.