Raised Bed Gardens | Newest Addition for Spring

Back in Ohio, I only had flower beds — our backyard was always too shady for a vegetable garden, and when you live in a suburb, gardens are frowned upon in the front yard. So, when we moved here, I wanted to do something totally different — vegetables.

Raised beds made sense to me because where we wanted to put the garden it is very sloped and the soil had a lot of clay. Without a raised bed, the water would have run off — taking the nutrients with it.

IMG_4016 Raised Bed Garden in Hillside IMG_4110 IMG_4106 IMG_4107 Raised Bed Gardens on Slope Snap Peas Growing in Garden on Netting

We picked a sunny spot, near the house to try to discourage the critters.  It is also close enough to enjoy, as I frequently pop-over and check out the progress several times a day to see how things are going.

I’ve learned that you can teach yourself anything from the internet and here is what I found to help us build a raised bed garden on a slope.  One of our beds is not totally level (we forgot this part because we did not reread the directions when we did that one the next day!) but it is a reminder that we are human and I just shake my head and smile.

We got our topsoil from our own property in a low area where our creek deposited run-off after heavy rains.  I picked out the stones and amended it with dried leaves from the forest floor, some recycled papers, and peat moss to retain moisture, and it was ready to go.

I am going through a learning curve here in TN.  The growing season is milder and starts earlier, so I think I could have put my peas in earlier than I did.  But so far…no critters.

Life is an Adventure.