U-Pick Season Is Here | Cherries Over – Blueberries Season Just Started

Life takes on different priorities when you move to Sharps Chapel. I never made time to do Pick-Your-Own berries before but this month, I have already done it twice — once for sour cherries and again for blueberries.

Sour Cherries

I am not revealing my source on this one (sorry).

Seven Springs Farm You-Pick Blueberries IMG_4605 Heading Out to Pick Blueberries Seven Springs Farm Seven Springs Farm Seven Springs Farm You-Pick Blueberries Seven Springs Farm, Maynardville, TN Sour Cherry Pie
I love sour cherries.  In fact, it was my favorite pie as a child.  You really can’t find them in the stores — they are hard to come by — probably because  the season is very short (starting around the first of June).  But, I happened upon them at the right place and the right time this year and I came away with over 3 quarts that I either froze or made into a pie.  They were completely blemish-free and so juicy.

You might seriously considering growing your own trees as they don’t take up much room and produce fruit within only a few years with no need to spray.  A real treat.


Blueberry season just started so there is plenty of time to head on out to Seven Springs Farm — the closest place to Sharps Chapel that offers Pick-Your-Own.  They are located at 1474 Highway 61 East,
Maynardville, TN 37807 — just 15 miles from Sharps Chapel.

We talked with the owner, Rick Riddle (in photo with straw hat), who was telling us about his 370 acre farm and all the plans he has for it (including a winery).  Maybe you have already met his wife Donna Riddle at local farmers’ markets — after all, they do 7 each week.  Their son Jim Riddle (in the photo with the blue bandana) just graduated with a mechanical engineering degree.  Plans are that he will be taking over the farm down the road.

It is such a pleasure to see hard-working, innovative, talented people like the Riddles, take a dream and make it into reality.

I had driven by the farm before but had never stopped.  The group I was with were all quite impressed.  Their vegetable fields are beautifully groomed and they are growing quite a variety of produce, in addition to beef.  It is quite an experience going there.  Consider taking the family there over the 4th of July holiday for a fun adventure.

Life is an Adventure!