Books Donated to Sharps Chapel Elementary School

I’ve never been more proud to be in a group (well, two groups) than I have the two here in Sharps Chapel — all because of an idea that someone had and the enthusiasm of others to pick it up and help make it happen.
Books Donated to Sharps Chapel Elementary School by FCE Sharps Chapel Chapter Books Donated to Sharps Chapel Elementary School by Dewey Decimals Book Club from Sunset Bay Books Donated to Sharps Chapel Elementary School FCE Sharps Chapel Chapter Books Donated to Sharps Chapel Elementary SchoolThe “someone” I am talking about is Debbie Brown — the founder of the Sunset Bay Dewey Decimals Book Club.  I joined the club a few years ago and have really enjoyed the variety of books that we have read.  Each year, Debbie has the tradition of hostessing a Christmas Party for the club members at her home and a charity is chosen each year to support.   This year, Debbie suggested that we donate money to Sharps Chapel Elementary School for books.   Debbie is a good listener.  She  knew that there was a need from listening to me relate stories, from time to time, from my experiences volunteering to read to the children each week.

We tweaked the idea just a little bit to give the members a chance to be creative and pick out their own books to purchase and donate.

Several members are also in the local Sharps Chapel chapter of FCE (the group that is pictured above) and when their Christmas Party was discussed, it was suggested that we also do the book donation instead of exchanging gifts.

Well, the rest is history.  Between the two groups, a total of 71 books were donated.  If you figure that each book is $25, this makes a total donation value of $1875!  By comparison, last year, the librarian only had a budget of $300 or so.

Interestingly enough, the librarian said that there were only a couple books that the library already had.  So we made quite an impact!  And among the books donated, there were hardly any duplicates.

I personally heard comments from more than several of the members say that they were so proud to have participated.

You might have seen it in the Union County Shopper News a couple of weeks ago… Libby Morgan came out to take pictures and we got the principal (Bryan Shoffner – he’s the TALL one), the librarian (Miss Lisa), and several children to pose with the books.  All the books standing up on the table tops are the ones we donated.

If other groups should decide to take this project on next year, Miss Lisa said that she is in need of non-fiction.

Volunteer Readers Needed

Also, please consider volunteering to read!  They need volunteers Monday and Friday, morning or afternoon.  Call the school office (865-278-3294) and talk with Miss Lisa to set up a time to come in.  You don’t have to commit to a regular schedule, if you have a busy schedule yourself, but I guarantee you will get more from the experience than what you give.  Together we can make a difference.

P.S. I would like to thank Terry Reinitz, also a member of both groups, for the use of her photographs in this post.

Life is an Adventure!