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Whatever your opinion is regarding guns, the fact remains that guns are very popular in TN and so is concealed carry.  You probably know somebody who has a concealed carry license, and if you don’t think you do, then you don’t know them very well.  Most people who carry keep a low profile.

People who have a concealed carry weapon (CCW) license have gone through a lengthy, rigorous training course, including shooting time on the range and have passed a written test.

All that said, there are numerous laws, by state, that change all the time, and it is the responsibility of the CCW license holder to stay up on the laws of their state – and any surrounding states that they might be traveling through while carrying.

I recently became aware of this US Concealed Carry website that has a tool that lets you select your home state (where you got the CCW license) and then displays a map of the US showing which states have reciprocity agreements with that state.

QUIZ:  Is it Legal or Illegal Traveling Through AL or GA with Concealed Carry?

OHIO CCW License.  What I found interesting is that if you have a CCW license from Ohio (your home state), If you travel from Ohio to Florida, you would be traveling illegally crossing through Alabama or Georgia, as they do not have a reciprocity agreement in place.

TENNESSEE CCW License.  BUT if you have a CCW license from TN and you travel through AL or GA, it is legal.

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