Flat Bike Ride | Cumberland Gap to Harrogate TN

If you like to bicycle ride, but don’t like all the hills around Sharps Chapel, I have some good news for you.  There is a relatively flat bike path starting in Cumberland Gap that is super fun.  Jim and I explored it on foot a few weeks back and had so much fun when we came across the tunnel that goes under the highway, exclusive to pedestrians and bikes, that last week, I took my niece, Taylor, who was visiting from Florida, to experience it on bikes.
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We only have two bikes, so Jim dropped us off in the town of Cumberland Gap and then drove to the Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) driving range, just a few miles away, to hit some balls.  It is right on the bike path and we planned on stopping to say hello on the way.

It is easy to find the beginning of the bike path in the town of Cumberland Gap.  It is located near my favorite place to eat — The Gap Creek Coffee House (see their Facebook page).  Take the path up to go through the covered bridge and you are on your way!

A short distance from there, you will come across the tunnel.  Take your sunglasses off because it is very dark inside.  It does have lighting but it is a very long tunnel and quite an experience to go through.  Notice the change from brick arches to corrugated metal.

Once through, turn around and look up and you will see the highway exit sign for US 58 East — that is what you just went under.

The bike path continues on parallel to 25 E towards Harrogate.  You will come upon an elementary school.  There is a small parking lot there along the bike path.  Take the bike path up the ramp to cross a bike/pedestrian bridge to LMU.

The bike path goes through LMU (take a side trip and explore the campus and visit the Lincoln Museum), past the golf driving range, past the very nice Harrogate City Park, and turns West to follow US 63 for a few miles.  The photo of the trail map was taken at Harrogate Middle School on US 63.  The path is supposed to go a little farther to Harrogate High School, but we did not explore that part.

Obviously, you can start from either direction.  But do try it out.  It makes for a great day trip.

Life is an adventure.