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There are lots of reasons people choose to live in Sharps Chapel, TN.  One, of many, reasons we chose to live here was to get away from the homogenization of America.

You know what I mean – a CVS on every corner, chain-store shopping and fast-food joints in a seemingly endless line only to be repeated every couple of miles, with every town looking like the next with no personality of its own.  And last but not least, “package” experiences that can be mass-produced in quantity.

We were longing for a sense of community… for REAL people, REAL places and REAL experiences.  Akin to having a heart-to-heart talk with friends at their home while they are folding their laundry.

Such was the case last Friday when Jim and I attended a gem of an experience that satisfied my soul. It was an intimate Dulcimer Concert in Maynardville held at the Union County Arts Cooperative owned by Susan Boone.  It is one of many musical events in the lineup of her Union Co. Art Co-Op House Concert Series.

The featured performer was Dan Landrum who played the hammered table dulcimer and organized by Sarah Morgan, a local 18-year old who is a national award-winning dulcimer player from Sharps Chapel, who joined in on the fun near the end.

The seating was tight because of the venue but it made for an intimate affair that added its own charm .  You felt like you were in someone’s living room.  Where else could you sit so close to a performer, where your knees are almost touching, who had soloed with mega-star Yanni!

During intermission, there was plenty of time to have some refreshments, provided at no charge, that include homemade cheesecake by Sarah Morgan.  Everyone seemed to enjoy perusing the art and making conversation with faces that seemed familiar.  One such face belonged to June Goforth, Sarah’s first dulcimer teacher who was there to enjoy her student’s success.

I loved the spontaneity of it all.  After intermission, Dan wanted a little fun.  Sarah had never played the hammered table dulcimer before and Dan had her take a seat and wing-it in a duet.  Sarah has a maturity beyond her years that is a joy to see in today’s youth.

Jim and I had a great time.  The only thing missing was the laundry.

Below is a YouTube video of Sarah playing the dulcimer when she was only 16 and another YouTube video of Dan Landrum.

Upcoming Concert —
Saturday, May 24th 2014
7:00 pm

The next concert features “Red Shoes & Rosin”, an old-time string trio featuring three Knoxville women.  Their repertoire features high energy old-time fiddle tunes, poignant traditional ballads and thoughtful original songs.  Tickets $15, pay at the door but you MUST reserve your tickets in advance by calling Sarah Morgan 865-278-3975

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