Quilting Bee | Sticking My Toe Into the Water

Linda Mobley - Quilter
Linda Mobley - Quilter

I am a quilter in remission.  I have not quilted in over 15 years, but know in my heart that I will start it up again sometime in the future.  So, I welcomed the nudge from Nancy Sullivan, who founded the bee.  She’s been keeping me informed with emails about the group’s goings-on and invited me to stop by.

On Thursday, May 24, the timing was right and I popped into the regular Thursday quilting bee gathering to introduce myself and get to know the ladies. View meeting dates/times and location.

There were six women at the bee on this day, working on various projects.  They had all brought their portable sewing machines and were more than happy to stop what they were doing to chat.  The meeting room was bright and cheery, with lots of windows, and the wide variety of fabrics and colors reminded me why I like quilting so much.

Dawnette working on quilts for children at a local crisis center.

I already knew three of the women from Sunset Bay. Linda Mobley (in the top photo) and Nancy Sullivan are both homeowners and full-time residents.  Another woman also from Sunset Bay, Diane F., had visited earlier in the meeting as a guest.

The other women were Dawnette, who lives in Norris Shores, Judy Maynard, who lives in Tanglewood (another transplant from Ohio – Franklin to be exact), Sara (without an “h”, as she likes to say), and Gwen Johnson.

Dawnette (in photo to the right) was working on a project for a child’s crisis center.  Nancy was sewing some small pouches / purses.

The group seems to be very active.  They are taking a bus tour to Columbus Ohio on June 13-15 for the National Quilter’s Association (NQA) quilt show.  Sounds like fun.

Life is an Adventure.