Yoga Classes Online

yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

I’ve been practicing Yoga (specifically Ashtanga which is a popular form of Yoga that follows the vinyasa tradition, steadily flowing between poses with synchronized breath) for the last 3-4 of months on a regular basis (3x week) and have noticed many changes in my body that are all good – better muscle tone, improved core strength, better balance, stress relief, improved flexibility, and more. What’s not to like?

In Sharps Chapel, TN, there are no convenient Yoga studios that are close enough to take advantage of on a regular basis, so what is one to do?  Well, you could buy DVDs but they don’t offer much variety.  Recently I received a Groupon offer that introduced me to that offers a variety of Yoga classes from world-class instructors.  I also found them on YouTube and they have some free online yoga classes that you might want to try.  If you’ve never tried Yoga, then perhaps now is the time.

Update:  My former Yoga instructor had a monthly subscription to Yoga Glo.  She said all the top Yoga instructors have videos there.